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Roberto Clemente Jr, Positive Athlete
CEO Scott Pederson, Pittsburgh Steeler
Neurosurgeon Dr. Joseph Maroon, West
Allegheny School District Athletic Director
Dave McBain and UPMC Athletic Trainer
Matt Triebsch discuss the InfraScanner.

Positive Athlete hosts an
event for Athletic Directors
at the Clemente Museum

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Neurosurgeon Dr. Joseph Maroon and
primary healthcare provider for multiple
military operational units Rob Reynard
discuss the uses and benefits of the

The InfraScanner is
a game-changing
technology to quickly
detect brain bleeding

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named # 1
on list of Top 9
EMS Products for 2013!

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Now a handheld device is revolutionizing
the way some paramedics assess
traumatic brain injuries.

NBC Erika Edwards reports:
Tackling Head Trauma

Traumatic Brain Injury

EMS team loading a patient into an ambulance
Traumatic brain injury presently ranks as the leading cause of death in young adults. Every minute counts for a patient with a brain bleed; the mortality rate is 90% after 4 hours without treatment.

Early Detection with InfraScanner

Infrascanner scanning a patient's head
The InfraScanner is the solution to early detection guiding immediate life-saving decisions through near-infrared technology. Developed and used by the US military since 2008.


Image for video of Chief Newman
Chief Newman from the Richmond Heights Fire Department discusses the benefits of using the Infrascanner™ 2000 in the field.