Infrascanner Testimonials

Chief Marc Neumann

Chief Neumann describes the InfraScanner as a ground-breaking technology.


Dr. Patrick DeMeo, MD 
Chairman, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at Allegheny General Hospital

“As a Sports Medicine physician with the responsibility of preserving health for our athletes, the Infrascanner is a valuable diagnostic tool to have at my disposal. It is a rapid and efficient way to determine if there is a serious hemorrhage inside the skull of any athlete having sustained a traumatic head blow. This not only will eliminate needless CT scans withtheir concomitant radiation exposure but will also expedite care for those most seriously injured upon arrival at a tertiary health care facility.Our goal is to have zero fatalities and this technology brings us one step closer.”


Dr. Joseph Maroon

Dr. Maroon discusses use of the InfraScanner in sports medicine.


Dr. Luis Becerra, MD 
Board Certified in Neurology, Neurologist and
Neuro-Ophthalmologist, Commander (Retired), US Navy

“Intracranial hematomas are a treatable cause of secondary brain injury in patients who have sustained head trauma. The InfraScanner is an effective new device that can detect brain bleeding on the site.”


Bernie Schwader, Firefighter Paramedic

Schwader describes a real-life EMS call using the InfraScanner.


Dr. Edward Snell, MD 
Director of Allegheny General Hospital 
Sports Concussion Center

“This technology expedites care of the patient, offering access to clinical data right on the field. The InfraScanner brings a clear, extra layer of protection for athletes with head injuries.”


Joe DeLamielleure

DeLamielleure’s call for new technology to help in the fight against TBI. 


Robert Armstrong 
Firefighter/EMS and Paramedic

“Earlier this year, we were called to the home of an elderly woman. She had been vomiting and her family thought she had the flu. She had no outward injuries but as we spoke, we discovered she had fallen the day before. We used the InfraScanner and found a brain bleed immediately.  As a result, we rushed her to the closest Trauma 2 center where they ordered a CT scan and found a significant brain bleed. The InfraScanner™ was a critical part of the team work that saved her life.” 


Rob Reynard, Military Medic

Reynard describes a real-life military story using the InfraScanner.


Dr. Joseph Maroon, MD, FACS 
Board Certified Clinical Professor of Neurological Surgery

“A CT scan is currently the standard test to rule out the slight chance of a bleed, and most are negative. One CT scan is equal to 300-400 chest x-rays, it is well accepted that malignancy risks from CT-induced radiation are real and that children and adolescents

are particularly vulnerable because the younger you are when exposed to radiation, the higher your lifetime risk of cancer. Thus, minimizing radiation exposure by eliminating unnecessary scans is a high priority.”


Joe DeLamielleure 
Former NFL Player and Hall of Famer

 “I believe the InfraScanner will one day be as common as defibrillators because of it’s ability to quickly, safely and cheaply help medical personnel to properly respond to head trauma.“